Rookie Round of Troika Tonight

PhillyImprov presents Troika – Philadelphia’s monthly competitive improv comedy show.

Each month, nine improvisers are drawn at random and grouped into teams of three. These three teams will have only a few weeks to get to know one another, name their group and practice a format. They will then come together and throw down their best improv stylings on stage. At the end of the show, the audience decides which group gets to continue on to the season finals.

This month is a very special edition of Troika – the Rookie Round. In this round, none of the participants have performed in an improv group before. They’ve been given a little extra time and the assistance of personal coaches to guide them in their endeavour to lay claim to the championship. Join us tonight in welcoming them to the stage for a night of hilarity, surprises and in-your-face smackdown improv.

Featured this month

  • Spring-Summer-Fall-Winter-Spring: Charles Rosen, Mark Dames & Nick Gillette, coached by Jen Toner
  • Spirit Squad: Chris Schofield, Renee Migeot & Terrel Willis, coached by Patti Cleary
  • The 12 Seed: Gregg Gethard, Kristin Mellor & Todd Shaeffer, coached by Cubby Altobelli

Troika: Season Two, Round Three
Thursday, June 21, 8pm
The Actor’s Center – 257 N Third St.
$10 General Admission


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