The 12 Seed takes Round Three of Troika

Our monthly competitive smackdown took a little twist this month with the inception of the Rookie Round. Last night promised to be quite interesting… and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

First on deck was Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter Spring, with Charles Rosen, Mark Dames & Nick Gillette. They were coached by Jen Toner (of The Cabal). They took us through the seasons of life with a time-jumping format that explored birth, glory, decay, demise and rebirth.

Next up was The Spirit Squad, with Chris Schofield, Renee Migeot & Terrel Willis. They were coached by Patti Cleary (of Slavoj Zizek Wet Dream). They had a set inspired by gospel ministries and audience sing-a-longs.

The last group of the night was The 12 Seed, with Gregg Gethard (of sketch group The Sixth Borough), Kristin Mellor & Todd Shaeffer. They were coaced by Cubby Altobelli (of The Cabal, ZombieShark, Whipsuit & Hypnotoad). They had a series of high energy scenes invoked from a conversation circle sharing real life confessions.

It was the closest overall round in the history of Troika, with a final vote count of 14-13-12. The 12 Seed will join other round winners ‘Z’ For Effort and Knots Gordian at the Season Two Finals on July 19th.


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