Rodgers Legacy: Plen’y of Heart & Plen’y of Hope

If you’re an improviser, chances are you’ve spent a bit of time playing Hot Spot. This game is a word association spin off; linking songs together through lyrics and themes. It’s often a stroll down memory boulevard. And if you’ve played this game, I bet at some point the music of Richard Rodgers has come in to play. With songwriting partner Lorenz Hart, he was responsible for a string of hit musical hits like Dearest Enemy and Love Me Tonight (featuring the now classic song Blue Moon and the delightful standard Isn’t It Romantic?). Even more well known were his collaborations with Oscar Hammerstein, which brought about musicals like Carousel, South Pacific, The Sound of Music and Oklahoma!.

If you’re a fan of Richard Rodgers and his 35 Tonys, 15 Oscars, 2 Pulitzers, 2 Grammys and 2 Emmys… then this is your last weekend to check out Rodgers Romance, playing at the Act II Playhouse in Ambler through Saturday, 6/30. It’s a revue of pieces by Rodgers & Hammerstein and Rodgers & Hart. Tickets are $25. Call 215-654-0200 or visit their website for more information.



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