Clowns and Euro-Trash… What’s the Playground Coming To?

If you’re looking for a departure from the ordinary, you only have to wait until tomorrow night. In a very unique billing, Slavoj Zizek Wet Dream and PonyCoat will be joining forces to bring you a double header to remember.

Slavoj Zizek Wet Dream (SZWD) is a touring Euro-trash dance troupe with very ambiguous origins. They will be on hand to enlighten the masses to post-structuralism vis-à-vis improvisational dance; all inspired by your suggestions and iPods (so make sure to bring yours).

PonyCoat is the all-female powerhouse group that swept Season One of Troika. A hybrid of clowing and improvisation, these three ladies merge movement, sounds and scenes to create spontaneous comedy that is both unsettling and satisfying.

To satiate your appetite until then, check out this documentary on SZWD breaking into the Philadelphia improv circuit.

PonyCoat / Slavoj Zizek Wet Dream
Thursday, June 28th, 8pm – $10
Playground @ The Adrienne
2030 Sansom Street – Phila


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