British Comedy? I Ain’t Bovvered!

Oh, Liz has no idea what she’s just started with her Little Britain post. British comedy is what I wrap myself with at night to keep me safe from Rob Schneider movies.

I’ll take an immediate cue from one of the characters that she mentioned, Vicky Pollard (brilliantly portrayed by Matt Lucas). Vicky speaks in speed-pyke, a super-fast sort of babbling backspeak used in mocking portrayals of Chavs. A Chav is a British variant of our hip-hop culture that dress in tracksuits, hoodies, gold chains and the like. Essentially, as gangsta as you can get for being a pale, freckled kid from Bristol.

Another character known well for being a speed-pyke hurling Chavette is Lauren Cooper from the hit sketch series, The Catherine Tate Show (played most beautifully by Catherine Tate herself). Lauren is a comprehensive school student who whenever faced with an authority figure, dives into her insane assortment of argumentative denials that have become iconic catchphrases:

“Am I bovvered? Am I bovvered though? Look at my face, do I look bovvered? Are you disrespecting me? Are you disrespecting my family? Are you calling me a pikey? Are you calling my mum poor? Are you calling my dad a wino?”

In addition to the show, the Lauren Cooper character has popped up in spots for Red Nose Day with Tony Blair, David Tennant and McFly as well as a crossover on EastEnders and finally taking on Queen Elizabeth directly at the Royal Variety Programme.

I ‘m now assaulting you with a ridiculous number of video clips. Enjoy.

Lauren’s Not Invited

Lauren in English Class

Lauren in French Class

Lauren Gets a Job

Lauren’s Wedding

Lauren Takes On the Queen

Lauren Meets the Prime Minister (Edit: Video fixed)


One Response to British Comedy? I Ain’t Bovvered!

  1. Liz says:

    i love any skit that includes mention of a borstal.

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