Reports from CSz National Tournament – Part Two

Despite a rollicking game of Arms Expert and superb efforts from the hometown crew, Philly fell last night to the team from Milwaukee by a final score of 20-5. Alexis captained us within one moment of victory, but the team fell just short in a tightly called game of Free-For-All Freeze. Kudos to the Milwaukee team, from the city where ComedySportz originated.

Of course, the story here isn’t in the winning or the losing. It feels so great to play with people from all over and to share in an art that we all live for. And to be able to do it non-stop, if only for a few days, is amazing. It’s a reminder of what the world should be like.

And the moments are so memorable. Starting each day off at 10:30 AM with a rousing version of the CSz Anthem (lyrics rewritten daily by Dick Chudnow, CSz founder). Playing board games in the hotel lobby until 4am. Making new friends over Root Beer Floater ice cream at the local cafe.

There is an energy present around us at all times. It’s strange how I can dread going to my 9-5 after 8 full hours of sleepytime, but how after just four hours of sleep here I’m ready and pumping to go. Being here reinvigorates the mind and soul of my inner artist; I feel like I can conquer the world by just making stuff up.

Tonight, we play Chicago, then it’s riverboat gambling and perhaps some more board games. Our time remaining is short, but I plan on making it last.


One Response to Reports from CSz National Tournament – Part Two

  1. dieactordie says:

    Sounds awesome Jason! Can’t wait to hear more on Tuesday.

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