Kristen Schier Announced as PHIT Level 1 Instructor

The Philly Improv Theater has again tapped Kristen Schier (of the N Crowd, PonyCoat & DCT North) to helm it’s next round of introductory improv classes beginning next month:

This is the place to start if you have never improvised before, or did some shortform improv in the past. In Intro to Longform you will learn about key improv skills like agreement, characterization, monologues, and object work. We’ll finish by learning the Armando performance structure.”

In checking out Kristen’s bio on the site, you come across testimonials from PHIT students who have studied under her in the past. Among them was:

“I was able to shake my crush on her at the end of each class, but then of course it began again at the start of the next”

You too can fall in love with Kristen – and with improv. Registration is now open.

PHIT Level 1: Intro to Longform
Wednesdays 7-9pm, 2/6/08-3/26/08


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