New Advice Columnist for

The site has been updated over in the advice area. We’re now looking at a sort of Ask Alexis 2.0. We’ve brought on another sage for you to hurl your queries at. Mike Connor (of the N Crowd, Industrial, The Hopper Brothers & Keys To The Moon Productions) takes the seat as our resident asshole. So now you all have a choice in your source of wisdom. Do you ask Alexis, or do you ask an Asshole?

“Stumbling in the dark, trying to feel your way around the ways of improv? Good news! Alexis and Mike are here to answer all your questions related to improv theory, working through roadblocks, exercises or any other topic you may need assistance with. One is sweet and sassy, the other is an unfiltered asshole. But which one has the better advice? You never know what you might hear from your chosen oracle…”

The first response from our new columnist has just been posted:

Dear Asshole,
I’ve been doing short form for some time but now I’ve started taking classes and workshops on long form. What’s the best way to incorporate long form techniques in your short form scene work?
– Too Short

Head on over to to see Mike’s response…


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