New In Town? This One’s For You

Our latest advice question comes from a newb to our city – looking for the lowdown on longform. No worries, Alexis has your back!

Q: I’m not sure if you or “the asshole” still respond to these questions, because anything that I’ve found on the internet or improv resource center about Philly improv seems slightly outdated. No offense to Philadelphia, but much offense to the internet. My question is simple. I am originally from Austin, where I was involved with the short form scene there for a few years, after which I moved to New York and got a heavy addiction and a hearty obsession with long form at the Upright Citizens Brigade theatre. Now, I’m living in Philadelphia for two months and I’m having wack ass improv withdrawals and I can’t seem to find what I need. Can you help me? Can you tell me where to score some good improv? Do you know a local improv dealer, preferably specializing in long form, but short form will definitely give me my fix.

Please help. It’s going to be a long 8 weeks with no improv!!

Your friend in improv land,
– S

A: Dear Junkie, awww shit. Welcome to the 215!

I do answer these questions, but it takes some thought and I am a slow thinker. The monkey in my brain is a silverback gorilla. However, your question is easy, and since you will only be here for several weeks, your question will quickly become outdated. Congratulations, improv junkie! I AM YOUR ENABLER!!!!
The Philly Improv Theater hosts a week of shows at the Shubin every month. If you are reading this April 2nd-6th, why we are having a week of shows this very week! This week we have Tybrus coming down from NYC to perform Friday and Saturday, as well as some quality local groups (Holmes/Maughan and Tongue & Groove). Check out, for showtimes. PHIT also offers classes; they are posted on the internet, too.

If you are looking to play in, why don’t you try the Incubator (sometimes known as the Fakeout). It is run by a very nice man named Rick Horner; and it meets almost every Sunday at some place. Want more than just vague ideas of where things happen? Check out this post on the IRC.

– Alexis


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