What’s In A Word? Visualizing Philly Comedy Blogs

The other day I saw a piece by John Schwenkler of the Boston Globe where he compared the most popular words used in the official blogs for Obama & McCain using Wordle. It was an incredibly telling snapshot of their focus and mood.

I thought it’d be interesting to look at some of our favorite blogs and see what they’re talking about.

For our little blog here:

I’m definitely talking about shows, groups, audiences and the festival.

Comic Vs. Audience:

It looks like recently crowned Philly’s Phunniest Kent Haines, Chip Chantry and shows in August are getting the love here.

Die Actor Die:

Most everything is on an even keel here with the Daily Show, Colbert Report and the Consumerist being  consistent sources for our favorite Phillyist contributor.

Not really many surprises overall, but it’s nice to see it all put together.


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