Die Actor Die To Sing Its Swan Song

Comic vs Audience reports that Monday marks the end of a meteoric life in the form of Don Montrey’s monthly comedy show, Die Actor Die.

The host will be doing some much deserved downshifting to focus on home life (his newest little one is due in April) and explore some new interests.

During its residency at the Khyber the show has featured a torrent of stand up and sketch comedians, was the birthplace of the Dirtiest Sketch In Philadelphia Contest and was one of the first local comedy shows to offer up a nice blend of live/video formatting. It was a quieter time for alternative comedy two years ago and Don came out of the gate with a show that really made the press take notice.

As if all this happening on stage wasn’t cool enough, some pretty remarkable things were happening behind the scenes as well. Die Actor Die quickly became the original meet-n-greet  for many of the city’s talented sketch and stand up comedians. It was these early collaborations that kindled interest in ventures like the Philly SketchFest as well paving the way for shows like Bedtime Stories, the Comic Vs Audience Comedy Show and most recently Steal This Show.

Don awarding Dirtiest Sketch to 2x winners Secret Pants

Don Montrey awarding Dirtiest Sketch to 2x winners Secret Pants

The show helped spawn all this and still Don would come out every month and shine a light on some damn smart comedy in a corner where far too few had been looking.

Let’s get out to Die Actor Die on Monday and let Don know how much we appreciate what he’s done the last two years, and as usual… laugh with some really talented comedians.

Die Actor Die
Monday, 12/15 @ 8PM
The Khyber – 56 S 2nd St, Philly


One Response to Die Actor Die To Sing Its Swan Song

  1. Don says:

    Wow! What a nice post. Thanks Matt!

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