Listen Up: 30,000 kHz of Sound podcast

Don’t worry if you haven’t had a chance to see 30,000 kHz of Sound perform yet… no one has. The NYC-based group has been featured multiple times at PHIF, and to those who are familiar, you know they perform a format known as the BAT; an improvised show performed entirely in the dark. The lights-out format was originally developed by Joe Bill and performed by Georgia Pacific. 30K kHz reaches out to the ionosphere for their suggestions via shortwave radio. There’s an interesting backstory to creator Shawn Wickens‘ inspiration for the show.


Normally a live improv show doesn’t quite translate to audiences on rebroadcating… a daunting experience most groups have faced when trying to expand audiences or showcase previous work. 30K kHz is able to side step this with their all-audio format and as a result the show not only holds up on playback, but feels like an old radio show.

While we’re past the days when the family would gather around the radio, the group offers up the same feeling through their podcast that you can subscribe to through iTunes as well as an archive of past shows available for download.

If you’re all caught up on their MP3s and if you’re itching to catch a live show, lucky for you they anchor Thursday nights at the Magenet Theater.


2 Responses to Listen Up: 30,000 kHz of Sound podcast

  1. Schank says:

    All things considered, the path they seam to be taking isnt clear. With all do respects I hope I dotn offend anyone by saying this.

  2. Shawn says:

    New LIVE show this Sunday, 8pm ET
    Listen live at

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