Interview with new N Crowd artistic director Kristen Schier

Kristen Schier is the newly elected Artistic Director of the N Crowd. We took a moment to find out some of her thoughts on where she’ll be leading the group in the coming months…

Is this your first time serving as artistic director of an improv group?

Yes, good sir, it is and I am filling big shoes. I am very excited and am not sure exactly what lies ahead.

What kind of personal influences do you see carrying over to your direction style?

Hmm, influences. I think I can bring a strong sense of space and physical play to the group. I want us to go even deeper in to building ensemble, which involves risk, trust and team-work – all those resume words.

Do you see this offstage shift contributing to visible changes onstage?

Not sure. I do hope so, but sometimes stuff just gets absorbed and dealt with before it comes out in scene work. i do hope we use space and perhaps learn to tend to the show like any long- from group does even when we are not on stage.


What’s one thing you want to maintain about the current show? What’s one thing you’d most like to mix up?

One thing I would like to maintain is the keen wit of our players and I like the pacing. Probably the types of games we play at the top middle and bottom of the show will remain the same.

What would I mix up? Hmm. I want to make a strong effort to get some musical games in our repertoire.

How do you see the group one year from now?

Good question. I guess I better think about that one. I see the group reinforcing its already stellar reputation with shows that are smarter funnier and more theatrical, not, of course, because of anything to do with my direction, but because they are a terrific ensemble of actors that are always committing to learning more about their craft.

N Crowd Logo

The N Crowd performs Friday nights at 8PM @ The Actor’s Center, 257 N Third St.


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