Click This: Improv Everywhere creates subway art gallery

Charlie Todd and his agents of Improv Everywhere have done it again. This time they descended on the 23rd St C/E MTA station to create an art gallery opening.

Taking advantage of the regular aspects of a subway platform, placards printed with deadpan descriptions adorned the walls, pipes, graffiti and even the trash cans that otherwise go relatively unnoticed everyday:


Telephone Line (2002)
Metropolitan Transit Authority in collaboration with Telecom

This homage to the urgency of communication is meant to highlight the recent necessity, from instant to instant, to maintain the potential for instantaneous, world-wide contact from any location, at any time. That a conversation from such a location would be abruptly interrupted by an arriving train suggests the artist’s intent to lampoon the perceived dependence on telecommunication.”

In addition to the “installations,” agents donned tuxedos to provide coat check services and distribute sparkling cider on trays. To further add to the atmosphere, a cellist, Erin Hall, lent her skills to the soundscape.

Be sure to check out the Improv Everywhere blog for further breakdown, including recaps from agents, witness reactions, video and tons of photos and placard descriptions.

This may very well be my favorite mission to date.


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