Interview: Tamara Nolte visiting from CSz Chicago


This weekend, Chicago based improviser Tamara Nolte (of Comedy Sportz Chicago, the Beatbox & Infinite Sundaes) is in town and will be joining ComedySportz Philly for this Saturday’s double header.

We got a chance to chat with the Philly native…

Q: You’re going to be playing in with ComedySportz Philly this weekend. How long have you been involved with CSz?

Since 2006

Q: You’re originally from Philadelphia. How does it feel to come back here and perform for friends and family that don’t get to see you in Chicago?

It’s really hard to explain to my 82 yr old grand mother what improv is. So I’m excited to show her what it’s all about.

Q: The last time you performed here was with Beatbox at PHIF. Did you see those locals come out to cheer you on then as well?

Yes, I had some family and friends come out then too! Although with ComedySportz being a clean, “family friendly” show, my mom is now inviting her coworkers!

Q: The two (CSz & Beatbox) are obviously quite different styles of improv. What would you say is the biggest difference?

The biggest difference is that the Beatbox is a long form show that has short-form improv elements in it. The entire story arch is improvised, including when and how we bring in the short form elements. ComedySportz is a short-form show where the story arch is somewhat set (Red vs. Blue) and short form improv games are played within that structure. Oh… and in one we rap a lot.

Q: How does it feel to step out of Chicago CSz and play in with a group of people you’re less familiar with?

I really enjoy playing with new people, I think it keeps me much more on my toes, and ready for anything. It’s scary… in a good way.

Q: Any old haunts or must-sees while you’re in town?

Nicks Roast Beef, the Friendy’s by the Granite Run Mall, Swarthmore Players Club.

Q: What are you most looking forward to this weekend?

Besides CSZ, I’m looking forward to seeing friends and family, meeting up with people I have met at PHIF, and Rita’s Water Ice.

Q: Give me one word that describes what you’re going to be bring to the stage on Saturday night…




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