Its Not Always Buckley in Philadelphia

Bryan & Alyssa Buckley met while performing for Mock Turtle Soup, a group Bryan founded while they were both attending Clemson University in South Carolina. Soon they were married, and off to Chapel Hill, where I would then get to know them as performers at DSI Comedy Theater. Bryan quickly earned a teaching position at a local university here, and not too long after, the Buckleys would find themselves new residents of Philadelphia… and we would find them new residents of our hearts.

Having previously seen them onstage, it was very obvious I wanted to see them performing in Philly as soon as possible, and as luck would have it, the N Crowd ended up having auditions. And the rest, as they say, has been awesome. We’ve all become close with them; performing, partying and otherwise having a blast. They’ve been a fantastic addition to our little comedy family.

Watching Bryan perform is a lesson in wit. His sense of pacing and narrative is among the best I’ve seen, and he does hoity characters like it’s his job. Likewise a delight on stage is Alyssa, who is as surprising in a scene as she is funny. She’s adorable like a kitten… a kitten who sometimes delivers shockingly dirty lines.

Equally as great are the people I’ve gotten to know through the rest of the week. After a few minutes, Bryan’s quiet, almost stoic demeanor melts away and you’re left with a genuinely good guy who can hang like he’s been there beside you forever. Alyssa is both sweet and outspoken, and you can’t help but to love this Little Buckley instantly.

Alas, it seems all good things must come to an end. Bryan has earned a promising professorship at a university in Oklahoma, where Alyssa will also be working in their library. And with that, so goeth the Buckleys.  It’s a fantastic coup for their future, and a terrific loss for Philadelphia. Their time here was perfectly meteoric… bright, hot and gone in a fleeting moment.

Join us tonight, as we bid a fine farewell to our funny friends and watch them in their last regular performance in the N Crowd.



4 Responses to Its Not Always Buckley in Philadelphia

  1. this just made me cry. just a little. okay. maybe a little bit more. ahhh fuck it. i love the buckleys.

  2. BJ says:

    Watch out Midwest. A tornado of awesomeness is coming.

  3. Little Buckley says:

    Gosh, we are going to miss Philadelphia. Thanks for all the shows, the laughs and the suggestions. It certainly won’t be forgot.

  4. Matt Nelson says:

    It was our privilege

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