PHIT close to breaking fundraising ceiling

The PHILLY IMPROV THEATER has been working diligently over the last month to raise funds towards a dedicated space. In phase one they look to raise $10,000 by June 26th. This first phase goes to cover legal expenses for lease negotiations and initial architect fees. By the close of the year, PHIT looks to raise $50,000 to match a challenge grant received from an anonymous donor.

Currently PHIT leases the Shubin Theater for two weeks of each month, in addition to leasing the Adrienne Mainstage for Live Arts – Fringe and special events. It also leases classroom space throughout the city in order to facilitate its training program. Plans for a dedicated space include a theater, black box and a training center.

Performers and students of the theater have kept social networks buzzing, as well as holding rummage sales, selling t-shirts and any number of other efforts to bridge the gap that now stands at over 85% to goal. With ten days remaining, they need to raise just over $100 dollars a day to meet the mark.

Fundraising is handled through Kickstarter, where with varying pledge levels, contributors earn rewards ranging from a name on a plaque, up to naming rights of the mainstage.

Contributions can be made via credit card, which will be billed on June 26th, provided the funding goal is met.

To learn more details and to pledge, visit the PHIT page on Kickstarter.

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