Comedian Profile: Dan Rich

Editors Note: In this segment, we step away from the stage and take a look at comedians in the Philadelphia area… Learn a little more about where they come from, what they do while not performing and of course the question we all ask ourselves… Why do we do it?


Might have seen him in: Fletcher, The Ones Your Moms Warned You About

Hangs his hat in: South Philly

Stomping Grounds: Philadelphia, PA

Pays the Bills: Actor, performer, Phanstormer and food runner

Other Hobbies: reading, writing, music, movies (starting film school in the Fall), bike rides, Madonna, dancing, and taking care of my house plants

Why Improv?

Originally, I used improv to excercise my acting skills in between theater and film gigs, but now, it has become a passion.  I have fallen in love with improv’s limitless creativity, and I am addicted to the thrill of creating a show in the moment with absolutely nothing but your teammates (and a few chairs).  Besides, who doesn’t love to laugh?

If you know someone who you think should be profiled, we’d love to hear about them.


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