Comedian Profile: David Dritsas

Editors Note: In celebration of The 2010 ComedySportz World Championship, this week we’ll be profiling comedians from the local ComedySportz roster…


Might have seen him in: ComedySportz, Second City, Bad Hair Sketch

Hangs his hat in: Bella Vista

Stomping Grounds: Cheltenham, PA

Pays the Bills: Semi-professional comic actor / Director of Online Development for the 24/7 Comedy Network

Projects: Currently, I am working with a startup comedy entertainment company (24/7 Comedy Network), which is launching nationally distributed comedy radio stations and a web site similar to “Funny or Die,” etc. I’ve got a top-secret improv project in the works, as well. Stay tuned.

Other Hobbies: SCUBA, graphic design, sitting my a** on a beach

Why Improv?

Improv was an avenue into performing arts for me. I didn’t take the traditional route of a theater degree. I took evening classes in acting and improv and eventually auditioned for ComedySportz. I was lucky enough to get in and it was a major training ground for me—still is. I love improv but it isn’t everything for me. I’ve done a lot of sketch comedy, been lucky enough to be hired by Second City, worked on comedic plays and I plan to do more.

With my new job I hope to be producing some new original material (video-based). While I can’t say that this material will be improv per se, improv is always a tool I have in my pocket and without it I don’t think I would be the same performer I am today. It has also allowed me to make connections that have led me to work full-time in the comedy world. Gotta love that!

If you know someone who you think should be profiled, we’d love to hear about them.


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