The relaunch is here!

Just a few moments ago, the relaunched went live!

Aside from the more than obvious graphic overhaul, there’s a lot more content to explore. Here are some highlights:

– RSS feed on the main page. This is a familiar sight to those familiar with the old format. The feed from the wordpress blog is republished on the front page, so whether you view it directly, on this site, or through an aggregator, you’re always kept up to date.

– Two different navigation bars. A horizontal bar navigates you throughout the site and to our social media partner sites. A vertical bar on the right gives you quick access to all of the regular comedy happenings in our city, like theaters, productions companies, venues, weekly shows and local festivals.

– Separate pages for improv groups, sketch groups and stand-up comedians, all linking to their websites, social media sites or lacking any other sources, performance videos.

– A special page for festivals. Our little city is growing, and people should know about these awesome events, as well as other major must-attends throughout the country.

– A Troika page. The annual competition gets its own page, with details on the history and videos. Watch out over the next week, as I’ll be posting brackets of all the past seasons.

Take a look around. There’s a lot of new content, and while I’ve checked and rechecked all the links, accidents happen. So if there’s something messed up, you’ve got a fresher link, or I’ve omitted content, just let me know!

Please note that if you’re a regular visitor to the site, the old version may be cached in your history. If you’re seeing the old version, simply refresh your browser and you should be all set.

So there you have it. I’m excited to hear your comments!


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