Do This Now: Top 5 Edition


Get tickets for STAGE FRIGHT on the cheap. Tickets will be available through the run of this Hitchcockian tribute, but instead of paying top dollar at the door, get them before March 24th and save 50%.

4 – Get tickets for the N CROWD Anniversary Show. Nearly every show in 2011 has been sold out. The six year celebration at the RUBA Hall on April 22nd shouldn’t be any different. Get them before they’re gone.

3 – Submit to DÜOFEST. March 22nd is the absolute last day to submit to this one-of-a-kind comedy festival. Get your stuff together and get it in. T-minus six days.

2 – Confirm your PHIT house team audition slot. The Philly Improv Theater is looking to expand their ranks with two new teams under the direction of MATT HOLMES and KRISTEN SCHIER. Slots for the open audition on March 27th are still available but limited.

1 – Get tickets for the Roast of MEG FAVREAU. Forget Trump or Hasselhoff… Philly comedians know how to roast their own, and if last year’s roast of Kent Haines was any indicator, then Meg will be taking some big hits and snapping back strong before she departs for LA. This will be packed. Period.

Premiere of Boys Don’t Cry at Studio 34


It’s the third Thursday of the month, and KING FRIDAY will be putting on their monthly show at Studio 34. Tonight their guest is the premiere of the new duo, BOYS DON’T CRY, featuring ANDY MOSKOWITZ and TODD SHAEFFER, directed by MATT HOLMES. We took a moment to chat with the boys and their director about this new partnership and what we can expect.

How did this come about?

We were waiting in line to see Where the Wild Things Are and sparked up a conversation about (our) mutual love of improvisation.

And this is the first time you’ve worked together?

Yep, n00bz!

So what are your thoughts on joining forces?

Should be interesting. We have grown a lot as actors and performers working together. Slowly getting our groove and creating some magical stuff.

magic in a bottle

What’s the premise?

Two dudes, doing the ‘prov. (The show is) still searching for its niche.

What can we expect tonight?

We are still in our incubator… not trying to do anything crazy. But you can expect some pure emotion and a lot of fun discovery.

Any thoughts on the future of the show?

Future hasn’t been written yet. No ones has. Your future is whatever you make it, so make it a good one. We’re giving it a shot… getting the show on the road… and we’ll see where it goes.