Click This: Roe, Schier and Radzinski chat it up on CBS Philly


Here’s a clip from featuring AMIE ROE, KRISTEN SCHIER and MARY RADZINSKI talking about being female in comedy, many of their inspirations coming up, and what their ideal audience might look like.

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Temple student invited to share the weekend crown


After an exhaustive search considering over a hundred hopeful auditioners, PHILLY IMPROV THEATER has confirmed that it has finalized the selection of newest members for its house teams. While the full rosters for new teams currently codenamed SHADOWFAX and BRANDYBUCK have yet to be revealed (hint: keep your eyes peeled to WitOut – which, c’mon, you should be doing anyway) PHIT did provide with the scoop on the latest with existing house team KING FRIDAY.

King Friday will be welcoming one new member to their ranks – LAURA ABERNETHY – known here locally as the head of Temple’s FOWL PLAY.

For director AMIE ROE, casting Abernethy wasn’t much of a choice at all. “In my opinion, Laura was one of the strongest, most confident players that I saw in this round of PHIT auditions.”

Laura, already a fan, looks forward to getting thrown in the mix. “I feel sort of honored to be considered a fit for the team. I’ve really enjoyed past performances and the places the cast members take the audience. These people have definitely earned my respect and admiration, so to stand amongst them is…thrilling!”

In being the lone auditioner to be cast for an existing team, Laura is eager to become part of that collective. “I guess you could say I like King Friday’s brain…and I’m looking forward to tapping in.”

Amie thinks she’s got just what it takes to do exactly that, “She seems to have a very character-driven style that I think will add a lot to King Friday. Also, her hair is beautiful, is it not?”

Keep a look out on King Friday’s blog and follow them on Facebook and Twitter to find out more about Laura’s incorporation into the group and to get the scoop on her first performance.

Tonight: SFIT Fun-draiser for Amie & Kristen Show


In the short time since its inception, the ladies of the AMIE & KRISTEN SHOW have garnered a nice little following and high praise for their organic, rooted-in-the-now playing style. After cutting their teeth playing around the East Coast, AMIE ROE and KRISTEN SCHIER are now westbound… for the SEATTLE FESTIVAL OF IMPROVISED THEATER (SFIT).

To offset some of the heavy cost burdens associated with doing a trans-continental journey for a comedy show, they are having a fundraiser show tonight at the ACTORS CENTER in Old City. They will be joined by improv friends MEDIC and IRON LUNG for a few hours of laughs, from which the proceeds will appreciatively help them “not be broke.”

L to R: Amie Roe, Kristen Schier

I had a chance to chat with the ladies about tonight’s fundraiser and their impending trip.

PHILLYIMPROV: With both A&KS and MattAnd performing at SFIT, this is the first time Philadelphia has been represented there. What are you looking forward to?

AMIE ROE: Wearing flannel shirts and listening to grunge! They still do that there, right?

KRISTEN SCHIER: We’re proud to be a selection… Mostly looking forward to going to the fest for the first time. I know only a few of the acts, and if they are any indication the festival will be a lot to watch and learn from.

PI: What about your show are you most excited to share with audiences?

KS: I am excited to share knowledge about the talented Philly scene…

AR: …bring a tiny piece of the amazing improv and comedy scene that’s developing here in Philadelphia to another city.  It’s an honor whenever you’re selected to appear in any festival, and a real privilege to be an ambassador for Philly comedy.

KS: And have a blast doing our girlish romp of a show!

PI: Anything you can share about tonight’s show?

KS: (Tonight) is about being thankful for anyone who is willing to come and see our show… Any money we raise will be received with much graditude.

AR: We’re going to look really hot.  I’ve been running a bunch and exfoliating… plus I got a hair cut two weeks ago, and I know my girl Kristen has been rocking the WiiFit.

KS: It’s about showing of some of Philly’s newest improv acts.

AR: We’ll be joined on stage by Medic, a collection of some of the most talented PHIT house team members, and Iron Lung, a brand new team that formed out of a PHIT level 201 class that I just taught.

KS: Iron Lung and Medic will be fantabulous!

The Amie & Kristen Show (Fantabulous) Fun-draiser Show begins tonight (2/11) at 10PM at the Actors Center, 257 N Third St. Tickets are $10 at the door. Additional information available here.

December PHIT shows are upon us


Following their personal record-length run last month, the PHILLY IMPROV THEATER is set to kick off its December shows this week with some of your old favorites, a little reformatting of familiar formats and some great new comedy.

  • Aaron Hertzog’s Hey Everybody! continues its newly minted weekly slot, surrounded by the fun usual suspects like Guilty Pleasures, The Bully Pulpit and Rant-O-Wheel… as well as new faces like TV Party! and Chip Chantry’s One Man Show, relocated from its former home at The Khyber.
  • Fans can scout up and coming talent from area colleges in Comedy University, formerly known as Improv Comedy PhD, and now moved to Sundays.
  • PHIT welcomes friends from afar, with Brick Penguin bringing a little DC our way and the Philly premier of Magnet’s newest house team Brick, featuring local improviser and PHIT director/instructor Amie Roe.
  • Cagematch winners Six-Fisted Dynamo look to hold on to their newly claimed title against the comic stylings of Grimacchio.
  • PHIT introduces Sketch Up or Shut Up’s improv step-sibling with its new instructor-hosted weekly improv jam.
  • Those Hopper Brothers are back again this holiday season, this time with their Happy Magic Fun Time Show.
  • And finally, house team Activity Book debuts “Metal Men” – a special run of shows featuring the alter-egos of superheroes from a failed comic book… exploring the comedy of not being so superly awesome.

The whole thing is topped off with shows from all of the house teams and sketch comedy from Camp Woods. It promises to be a jam-packed,  fun-filled couple of weeks.

Here’s the full run down…

Wednesday, December 1st
8:00PM Guilty Pleasures hosted by Brendan Kennedy – $10
9:30PM TV Party! hosted by Rob Baniewicz & Paul Triggiani – $10

Thursday, December 2nd
8:00PM Hey Everybody! hosted by Aaron Hertzog – $10
9:30PM CAGEMATCH – Six-Fisted Dynamo vs. Grimacchio – $10

Friday, December 3rd
8:00PM Activity Book Presents “Metal Men” + Asteroid! – $10
9:30PM King Friday + The Amie & Kristen Show – $10
11:00PM Sketch Up or Shut Up – FREE!

Saturday, December 4th
8:00PM Activity Book Presents “Metal Men” + Asteroid! – $10
9:30PM Camp Woods + Brick Penguin (DC) – $10
11:00PM Improv Jam hosted by Mike Marbach & Kristen Schier – FREE!

Sunday, December 5th
8:00PM COMEDY UNIVERSITY: Women With Class + Special College Guests – $10

Monday, December 6th
8:00PM Chip Chantry’s One-Man Show (With Special Guests) – $10

Wednesday, December 8th
8:00PM The Bully Pulpit hosted by Luke Giordano – $10
9:30PM Rant-O-Wheel hosted by Jaime Fountaine – $10

Thursday, December 9th
8:00PM Hey Everybody! hosted by Aaron Hertzog – $10
9:30PM CAGEMATCH – 12/2 Winner vs. Good Cop, Bad Doctor – $10

Friday, December 10th
8:00PM Activity Book Presents “Metal Men” + Mayor Karen – $10
9:30PM Fletcher + Brick (NYC) – $10
11:00PM The Hopper Brothers’ Happy Magic Fun-Time Show – $10

Saturday, December 11th
8:00PM Activity Book Presents “Metal Men” + Mayor Karen – $10
9:30PM Camp Woods + Brick Penguin (DC) – $10
11:00PM Improv Jam hosted by Amie Roe & Greg Maughan – FREE!

Sunday, December 12th
8:00PM COMEDY UNIVERSITY: Cookiepuss (NYC) + The Rubber Chickens (University of Delaware) – $10

Tickets and additional information can be found on PHIT’s website.

Four more days of PHIT comedy at the Shubin


With the holiday fast approaching, you only have a few more days to enjoy May programming from the PHILLY IMPROV THEATER.

Scheduled events include the return of CAGEMATCH, a movie screening and an assortment of shows… one of which features L3 grads. Let’s take a look:

8:00PM – Improv Comedy PhD: Webber & Einstein + WALT! ($5)
9:30PM – CAGEMATCH: The Ones vs Two Guidos ($5)

8:00PM – Epsilon Faction & Friends ($10)
9:30PM – King Friday ($10)

8:00PM – Screening: Catch 22’s Love is a Battlefield
9:30PM – Activity Book & Friends ($10)
11:00PM – Improv Jam: Flying Leap! (FREE)

6:00PM – Class Show: Amie Roe’s Improv Level 3 (FREE)

Current Cagematch Champs: The Ones Your Moms Warned You About


Tonight: Troika Grand Finale


It’s been a hard-fought season with some incredibly tight competition, but tonight the stakes have never been higher. 27 improvisers have stepped up on stage to put it all on the line, and now the winners from each round vie for the crown. It’s Librarians vs State Witnesses vs Spanish Soap Stars – and only one trio will be called TROIKA.

R1 Winner: Meadowbrook Public Library Storybook Players
(Alan Williams, Amie Roe, Thomas Whitaker)

R2 Winner: Confidential
(N1ck G1lle77e, D@n R1ch, J@k3 B3ck3rm@n)

R3 Winner: Pasiónes de Pasiónes
(Mike Marbach, Ralph Andracchio, Andy Moskowitz )

THU, MAY 6TH @ 9:30PM
$10 | BYOB

Advanced tickets available through the PHIT website.

A chat with Amie and Kristen


Whether you call them the Amie & Kristen Show or the Kristen & Amie Show… the most important thing is that the two ladies onstage are Amie Roe and Kristen Schier; a pair of funny local ladies who, while well established among an assortment of improv groups, are popping up all the more recently as a two woman show.

I had the chance to chat with these ladies and pick their brains about their playing styles and the dynamics of the duo…

What would you say are some of the major differences in doing a two woman show vs a larger ensemble piece?
KS: Mostly you get to play a lot more. No time for thinking on the back line which makes the ride that much more wild.
AR: When you’re in a two-person show you’re constantly engaged. And I’m also focused on just Kristen the whole time. I become really attuned to her every move. Every nuanced thing you do becomes so important, because, with just two people, no bit of information gets lost.

What do you two do to get prepared for a show? Any special warmups or bonding, etc?
KS: Amie and I are best friends. That’s right, I said it. So we know each other pretty well.
AR: Kristen is my best friend. I took the plunge and also said that. We took a class on duo improv shows at the Magnet Theater with Armando Diaz. We had a cute little ritual of taking the bus together to New York, eating at Bagel Maven, taking class, and then riding back to Philly together. So spending that whole day together and having a 3 hour class in the middle of those days with Armando really helped us grow as friends and as a show.
KS: This is were we paid a lot of attention to what the show was, each others playing style and then we took it from there. Before a show we do some talking, some scene work and that is about it.

You are both directors of other shows, and so you have clear visions about things you want to see in improv performances. Of course we all want the audience to laugh… but what other elements do you want your show to showcase?
AR: I want to produce something that’s playful and honest.
KS: There are not a lot of groups in Philly right now doing organic transitions between scenes. So, yeah, we want to expose audiences to that stuff, if they haven’t had a chance to see it before. Really, its nothing new, its just new to the Philly stage. Also I want to show the audience a good time. Amie and I have a lot of fun up there making stuff up and we want that to be contagious.

Many duos fall into roles of straight vs wacky, etc. Do you find one of you playing a type of character/status more often?
KS: Nope. Its mostly different speeds of play that we contend with. Amie tends to play fast, and I slow both of which are great. During our show we almost switch personalities though – so surprisingly it will be Amie who slows a scene down as I find myself speeding things along.
AR: Also, Kristen tends to play the short characters and I play the slightly taller ones.

If your audience could only give a one word review of the Amie & Kristen Show, what would you hope they say after seeing a show?
KS: Congradulamatasticwowercise!

There you have it. And if you’re looking for a little congradulamatasticwowercise yourself, you can catch these ladies next Monday as they help Rookie Card ring in their one year anniversary show.


Tonight: 3 Mad Rituals double header


The PHILLY IMPROV THEATER continues its December run of show at the Shubin Theater tonight with a double helping of 3 MAD RITUALS. The show, directed by AMIE ROE, features players performing three different improv formats consecutively. And although the project temporarily took on the name of 3 Mad Rituals for the Fringe Festival, they plan to announce their official name tonight.

THURSDAY, DEC 3 @ 8PM & 10PM | $10