Click This: Videos of Sketchfest Winners from Helium


A few weeks back, HELIUM hosted a competition to determine the final spot(s) for the PHILLY SKETCHFEST which kicks off tonight. Out of the ten groups that performed, two ended up making the cut… BAD CREATIONS and DEPENDABLE FELONS. To acclimate yourself with their work, head on over to Comic vs Audience for a couple of great videos.

Click This: Comic vs Audience upgrades site


Local comedy resource COMICVSAUDIENCE has upgraded their site to 2.0… which now includes an events calendar, a listing of open mics and most excitingly, a comedy database. I recommend you head on over and take a gander.

Listen Up: C vs A Radio Hour tonight with Illegal Refill


From 7-8PM EST tonight, DAVE WALK hosts the C vs A RADIO HOUR, a bi-weekly comedy talk show featured at (The Sound From Germantown).

This show features local improv group ILLEGAL REFILL, who will be chatting with Dave and performing a set. Listeners can even tweet their suggestions. Dave will also play excerpts from TODD GLASS‘ new album, Thin Pig.


Sixth Borough cleans up at Snubfest


Comic Vs Audience reports that local sketch group THE SIXTH BOROUGH received both audience and jury awards at Chicago’s SNUBFEST this past weekend. As a result, they’ve won performance slots at both the Milwaukee Comedy Festival and the Montreal Sketch Festival.


Congrats gang!

ICYMI: NSFW video of Blangalangalang and DJ Footy PJ


ANIMOSITY PIERRE is set to debut a new show tonight, and it’s got me excited about what they’ve got up their sleeves. Thinking back on all the shows I’ve seen them do, my favorite of their characters has probably been the rap duo Blangalangalang (aka Balal) and Footy Pajamas (aka DJ Footy PJ).

My first encounter with these comic OGs was back in January of last year at Die Actor Die when they debuted their very NSFW single, Lick That Asshole. ICYMI the first time, Comic vs Audience was kind enough to catch it on tape.


Listen Up: C vs A Radio Hour tonight!


DAVE WALK hosts the bi-weekly C VS A RADIO HOUR tonight at 7PM on

Dave’s guests tonight will be KEVIN ALLISON of The State and comedy duo ANIMOSITY PIERRE

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