Do This Now: Join the IRC and Speak Up


Many of you are probably quite familiar with the IMPROV RESOURCE CENTER message boards.  For those of you that aren’t, get over there right now and join up. The IRC is a site developed by NYC’s Kevin Mullaney that boast numerable features, the most popular of which is the message boards.

Several years ago, the Philly chatter was through the roof and we got Mullaney to add a Philly based regional board. And more recently, a sub-forum was added called Philly Cafe to discuss non-improv related miscellany.

Posts on the board have dwindled in the past six months or so, but as of late they’re back with a small fervor… Local comedians are bringing up some pretty interesting topics and folks are chiming in. Here are a couple of trending topics to keep an eye on:

  • The thread entitled Name Two Things asks local improvisers to tout two things they think our local scene does well and two things that are wanton for improvement. There are some nice kudos that make people feel great and appreciated, but even more valuable is some of the insight and recommendations on what can stand some revamping.
  • A very recent thread asks improvisers to share their Improv Mantra. It’s a simple question with a hundred complicated answers. When you spend years pulling nuggets of wisdom from a myriad of sources, how do you boil it down to the marrow of what makes your improv tick?
  • It’s been said that there about three dozen improv games and 300 names for them. Certainly you can base most games and exercises on a handful of key objectives… things like character work, platform, energy, physicality, object work, initiations and emotional honesty. How you get there can take many more paths. Share some of your Favorite Exercises and Games with local improvisers, or find a new twist on an old favorite to keep practice fresh.

We may all get different things out of our improv, but in the end, hopefully it’s fun and rewarding. The IRC is a fantastic place to commune with those of like minds and talk shop.