Click This: IE Mission – King Philip IV


In ImprovEverywhere’s latest mission, coincidences come together to resurrect 400 year old King Philip IV for a few celebratory autographs

[photo credit: Katie Sokoler]

IE Mission: NYer or Tourist Pedestrian?


A couple of agents of at IMPROV EVERYWHERE took over a block at 5th Ave & 22nd Sts in NYC for a mission. They painted a line down the sidewalk creating two pedestrians lanes – one for NYers and one for tourists. They also had few agents on hand to direct foot traffic and take opinion polls.

Although it’s just silly fun and took four days for the city to remove, there’s a simple brilliance in it. Be sure to check out the full mission report. (via Neatorama)

No Pants Subway Ride 2010


This Sunday, thousands of riders will take to subways all over the world, leaving their pants behind.

Started by NYC’s IMPROV EVERYWHERE nine years ago, this annual event has caught the attention of not only surprised travellers, but the world media alike. In recent years, the event has spawned similar missions in cities across the globe, all coinciding with the main original event run by CHARLIE TODD and his expansive network of IE agents. In 2009, nearly 2,500 riders participated in 22 cities, some as close as Boston and DC, others as far as Lisbon, Portugal and Sydney, Australia.

This Sunday, the event should prove to be larger than ever, with nearly 40 cities staging local rides, including the first organized ride in Philadelphia. Head on over to the Facebook event to get the details… and hopefully you’ll come on out, take off your pants, and make someone’s day!

(Photos courtesy of Improv Everywhere)

Just Released: Improv Everywhere book



Since 2001 the prank collective IMPROV EVERYWHERE, led by CHARLIE TODD, has been launching missions all over NYC. On bookshelves today is Causing Scenes, Extraordinary Pranks in Ordinary Places with Improv Everywhere, the first book to chronicle their adventures of bringing smiles, shock and head-scratching perplexion to thousands of unsuspecting onlookers.

From their product description: “From the infamous No Pants! Subway Ride to the legendary Grand Central Freeze, Improv Everywhere has been responsible for some of the most original and subversive pranks of the Internet age. In Causing a Scene, the group’s agents provide a hilarious firsthand account of their mischievous antics. Learn how they created a time loop in a Starbucks and gave Best Buy eighty extra employees. Join in on the fun with this irreverent, behind-the-scenes look at Improv Everywhere’s world-famous missions, and get inspired to create your own memorable mayhem.”

Pick up your copy at your local bookstore or over at Amazon. You can also get a sneak-peak online of the first two chapters.

Improv Everywhere pranks a funeral for fools


Yesterday Improv Everywhere posted a new mission about giving a grieving family the Best Funeral Ever. 30 Agents found a funeral in the obituaries that was sure to be poorly attended, and showed up to make it “truly awesome.” The mission was met with a mix of awe and disgust by many. Others were quick to realize that the whole mission was staged as an elaborate April Fools prank.

This morning, Charlie Tood admits to the mission being a prank. While it may have been clear to some, it’s great to see how many people really thought that they would infiltrate a graveside service with a bunch of mourning agents and a few rather large cameras. Even the local CW affiliate picked up the story, thinking the mission itself was an April Fools prank, rather than being a big set up:

Be sure to check out the comments… there are some great reactions in there.

Click This: Improv Everywhere creates subway art gallery


Charlie Todd and his agents of Improv Everywhere have done it again. This time they descended on the 23rd St C/E MTA station to create an art gallery opening.

Taking advantage of the regular aspects of a subway platform, placards printed with deadpan descriptions adorned the walls, pipes, graffiti and even the trash cans that otherwise go relatively unnoticed everyday:


Telephone Line (2002)
Metropolitan Transit Authority in collaboration with Telecom

This homage to the urgency of communication is meant to highlight the recent necessity, from instant to instant, to maintain the potential for instantaneous, world-wide contact from any location, at any time. That a conversation from such a location would be abruptly interrupted by an arriving train suggests the artist’s intent to lampoon the perceived dependence on telecommunication.”

In addition to the “installations,” agents donned tuxedos to provide coat check services and distribute sparkling cider on trays. To further add to the atmosphere, a cellist, Erin Hall, lent her skills to the soundscape.

Be sure to check out the Improv Everywhere blog for further breakdown, including recaps from agents, witness reactions, video and tons of photos and placard descriptions.

This may very well be my favorite mission to date.

Improvs on the Internets


Some improv and comedy related highlights from around the web:

Check out this video of Kent Haines & Aaron Hertzog performing a sketch for Bedtime Stories‘ “Way Down in the Hole: A Comedy Tribute to ‘The Wire’ [Comic Vs. Audience]

–  A new read for your bedside table – The Funniest One in the Room: The Lives and Legends of Del Close was penned by oft Python biographer and co-author of Truth In Comedy, Kim “Howard” Johnson

– 16 Agents from Improv Everywhere staged a Food Court Musical at a mall in LA

–  Local comedian Don Montrey liveblogs his afternoon latte at La Colombe [Phillyist]

– Sketch comedy fans will not want to miss The Terrordome on April 18th at the M Room, featuring Animosity Pierre, Meg & Rob, Secret Pants, The Sixth Borough and Rowan & Hastings

CHTV has a new short featuring an eulogy for an Internet commenter [BWE]

– Both Kevin Thom and Tom Hurley have some amazing photos of improvisers playing at DSIF8 a couple weeks ago.