DÜOFEST is upon us!


Hey there duo fans! The wait is just about over… DÜOFEST kicks off this week, and boy oh boy are there some exciting pairings on board. The producers have put together quite an assortment, including local talent like Grimmacchio, Jessica Tandy, Matt&, BWP, Kristen & Amie Show, Suggestical and others, along with visitors the likes of Rachel & Dave, The Cascade, Trotsky & Hutch, Red Letters, Hodapp & Rothwell, Banana Breakup and a very exciting Messing w/ a Friend featuring Susan Messing joined by Christina Gausus. There will also be a number of special pairings that are either new, rarely seen, or assembled just for Düofest… like Jadico Fowler and Michael Loves Greg.

Full festival passes are already sold out, and rumor has it that day passes are quite limited at this point. You can find out more details about ticket options at the Düofest website. Now, let’s get to the lineup!!!

7:02 pm: Rosen & Milkshake + Grandma Hates Technology
8:02 pm: Upstate + Grimmacchio
9:02 pm: Mañez + Dave and Ethan
10:02 pm: Acid Bath + Hans Gruber

7:02 pm: BWP + Jadico Fowler
8:02 pm: Michael Loves Greg + Jessica Tandy
9:02 pm: The Nathan & Joe Show + Matt&
10:02 pm: Justin Bobby + Trotsky & Hutch
11:02 pm: Evan the Loyal + Listen, Kid!

6:02 pm: RuBin + OJ in a Sippy Cup
7:02 pm: Red Letters + Suggestical
8:02 pm: The Cascade + Rachel and Dave
9:02 pm: The Kristen & Amie Show + Trike
10:02 pm: Messing with a Friend (feat. Christina Gausus)
11:02 pm: We’re Matt Weir + Banana Breakup

6:02 pm: Hot and Modest + Kait and Andrew
7:02 pm: Sisser + Horner & Davis
8:02 pm: Manthorne & the Baron + Dictionary Soup
9:02 pm: Hodapp and Rothwell + Dangerous Fools

All shows are at the Shubin Theater, 407 Bainbridge St. Information about individual groups, tickets, planned excursions, parties and workshops can be found at http://www.duofest.com

It’s time to get PHIT


I hope you’ve all resolved to get your comedy on… and during the next two weeks, the PHILLY IMPROV THEATER has what it takes for you to be the Biggest Winner:

Wed, 1/26
8:00PM – The Bully Pulpit ($10)
9:30PM – Rant-O-Wheel ($10)

Thu, 1/27
8:00PM – Hey Everybody! ($10)
9:30PM – Cagematch: Grimacchio v. Hans Gruber ($10)
11:00PM – The Gross Show ($10)

Fri, 1/28
8:00PM – Women w/ Class + Kristen & Amie Show ($10)
9:30PM – Rosen & Milkshake + Angry People Building Things ($10)
11:00PM – Hopper Bros Happy Magic Fun-Time Show ($10)

Sat, 1/29
8:00PM – King Friday + Asteroid ($10)
9:30PM – Fletcher + Mayor Karen ($10)
11:00PM – PHIT Improv Jam (FREE)

Sun, 1/30
8:00PM – Comedy University: Improv Kerouac + Guests ($10)

Wed, 2/2
8:00PM – Guilty Pleasures ($10)
9:30PM – TV Party! ($10)

Thu, 2/3
8:00PM – Hey Everybody! ($10)
9:30PM – Cagematch: 1/27 Winner v. TBA ($10)

Fri, 2/4
8:00PM – Suggestical! + Rare Bird Show ($10)
9:30PM – Medic + BWP ($10)
11:00PM – Sketch Open Mic: Sketch Up or Shut Up (FREE)

Sat, 2/5
8:00PM – King Friday + Asteroid ($10)
9:30PM – Fletcher + Mayor Karen ($10)
11:00PM – Never Have I(mprov) Ever ($10)
12:00AM – PHIT Improv Jam (FREE)


All shows are at the Shubin Theatre, 407 Bainbridge St.

Tickets and additional information available at www.phillyimprovtheater.com

A chat with Amie and Kristen


Whether you call them the Amie & Kristen Show or the Kristen & Amie Show… the most important thing is that the two ladies onstage are Amie Roe and Kristen Schier; a pair of funny local ladies who, while well established among an assortment of improv groups, are popping up all the more recently as a two woman show.

I had the chance to chat with these ladies and pick their brains about their playing styles and the dynamics of the duo…

What would you say are some of the major differences in doing a two woman show vs a larger ensemble piece?
KS: Mostly you get to play a lot more. No time for thinking on the back line which makes the ride that much more wild.
AR: When you’re in a two-person show you’re constantly engaged. And I’m also focused on just Kristen the whole time. I become really attuned to her every move. Every nuanced thing you do becomes so important, because, with just two people, no bit of information gets lost.

What do you two do to get prepared for a show? Any special warmups or bonding, etc?
KS: Amie and I are best friends. That’s right, I said it. So we know each other pretty well.
AR: Kristen is my best friend. I took the plunge and also said that. We took a class on duo improv shows at the Magnet Theater with Armando Diaz. We had a cute little ritual of taking the bus together to New York, eating at Bagel Maven, taking class, and then riding back to Philly together. So spending that whole day together and having a 3 hour class in the middle of those days with Armando really helped us grow as friends and as a show.
KS: This is were we paid a lot of attention to what the show was, each others playing style and then we took it from there. Before a show we do some talking, some scene work and that is about it.

You are both directors of other shows, and so you have clear visions about things you want to see in improv performances. Of course we all want the audience to laugh… but what other elements do you want your show to showcase?
AR: I want to produce something that’s playful and honest.
KS: There are not a lot of groups in Philly right now doing organic transitions between scenes. So, yeah, we want to expose audiences to that stuff, if they haven’t had a chance to see it before. Really, its nothing new, its just new to the Philly stage. Also I want to show the audience a good time. Amie and I have a lot of fun up there making stuff up and we want that to be contagious.

Many duos fall into roles of straight vs wacky, etc. Do you find one of you playing a type of character/status more often?
KS: Nope. Its mostly different speeds of play that we contend with. Amie tends to play fast, and I slow both of which are great. During our show we almost switch personalities though – so surprisingly it will be Amie who slows a scene down as I find myself speeding things along.
AR: Also, Kristen tends to play the short characters and I play the slightly taller ones.

If your audience could only give a one word review of the Amie & Kristen Show, what would you hope they say after seeing a show?
KS: Congradulamatasticwowercise!

There you have it. And if you’re looking for a little congradulamatasticwowercise yourself, you can catch these ladies next Monday as they help Rookie Card ring in their one year anniversary show.


PHIT storms the Shubin with biggest lineup yet


Last night the PHILLY IMPROV THEATER launched their monthly run at the Shubin with a staged reading of When I Was, a new one-act play penned by house team member Michael Schwartz. The theater goes dark again tonight, right before PHIT starts ramping up into it’s largest run at the Shubin to date!

They’ll be tackling nearly thirty shows over the next two weeks, including performances by guests from NYC and Chicago, a workshop from former Philadelphian and PHIF founder Mike McFarland, as well as a special screening of the new TJ & Dave documentary. And it all resumes tomorrow night…

Wednesday, January 27th
8:00pm: The Bully Pulpit (w/ guest host Greg Maughan) – $5

Thursday, January 28th
8:00pm: Drexel Football Team + Rookie Card – $5
9:30pm: CAGEMATCH: The Ones Your Mothers Warned You About vs The Kristen & Amie Show – $5

Friday, January 29th
8:00pm: Activity Book + Everything Must Go – $10


9:30pm: Fletcher + The Imposters (NYC) – $10
11:00pm: Flying Leap! (An Improv Open Jam) – FREE

Saturday, January 30th
8:00pm: Activity Book + Dynasty (NYC) – $10
9:30pm: Fletcher + Everything Must Go – $10
11:00pm: Sketch Up or Shut Up (The Sketch Comedy Open Mic) – FREE

Sunday, January 31st

Mike McFarland

2:00pm: WORKSHOP – The Passion of the Mike taught by Mike McFarland (NYC) – $50
8:00pm: Screening: Trust Us This Is All Made Up (The TJ & Dave Documentary) – $5

Monday, February 1st
8:00pm: Hey Everybody! hosted by Aaron Hertzog – $5

Wednesday, February 3rd
8:00pm: Guilty Pleasures; One Year Anniversary Show – $5

Thursday, February 4th
8:00pm: High Dramma + Mr. Lizard – $10
9:30pm: We’re Nice People; A Night of Doucheless Comedy (NYC) – $10

Friday, February 5th
8:00pm: Tin Sandwich (Chicago) + B.W.P. – $10
9:30pm: King Friday – $10

Saturday, February 6th
8:00pm: King Friday – $10
9:30pm: Tin Sandwich (Chicago) + The Carousel of Progress – $10

Tickets and additional information