News In Brief


We’ve been out of the loop over here through most of the Fringe and beyond. Now that we’ve sufficiently recovered, regular posts will resume next week. In the meantime, here are a few tidbits to check out…

  • Many have called the last few months the Summer of Doogie, and it’s sure felt that way, with Mr. Horner joking his way into America’s hearts on America’s Got Talent. And now fresh off his win over a Helium, the newly crowned Philly’s Phunniest looks to return to the stage tonight, as he resurrects his show The Ministry of Secret Jokes. Now at its new home at the Ruba Club, joining Doogie will be fellow former Phunniest winners Anton Shuford and Steve Gerben, as well as Amir Golan and Becca Trabin. It all starts at 8PM
  • The ever-delightful Jaime Fountaine returns to The Dive tonight at 7PM with her show Toiling in Obscurity. Guests include Pat Kelly, Tom McCallister and Jesse Hale Moore

Twittering the night away…


Well, we’ve joined the rank and file of Twitter. In addition to republishing the rss feed on and being able to receive updates in Google Reader and other blog aggregators, you can now follow us on the social networking craze of the minute:


I plan to hold back all the superfluous chatter and stick to just linking blog updates and RT’ing news relative to comedy in the Philadelphia area.

If you’re the type that craves the randomness and banality of the twittering masses, you can still follow me directly. That’ll always be random.