PHIF4 Workshops!!


Workshop registration is now open for the 4th Annual Philadelphia Improv Festival.

All workshops will be held at the Plays & Players Theater, 1714 Delancey St. The cost is $50 and they will be 3 hours in length.

If you are a PHIF4 performer, you will receive an email pointing you to a page where you can register at a 30% discount. You can also emailfor the link.

Friday, Nov. 14th

Starting Out Strong
Instructor: Bill Binder
Friday, 11/14 @ 10AM

The beginnings of shows should be more than a chance to create chaos or fulfill some requirement of your format. Those beginning minutes of a show are a chance to check in with your ensemble, to find and agree on the focus and direction of your show, and hopefully, to invite the audience to come on the journey with you rather than confusing them. This workshop uses techniques to unify and strengthen your ensemble’s openings.

Deal With It
Instructor: Mark Grenier
Friday, 11/14 @ 2PM

As improvisers, we often expect others to play by certain rules and we get frustrated when teammates don’t meet our expectations. Sometimes we need a reminder that the improviser’s job is to accept – to accept everything and to embrace every contribution as a gift. Your ability to “yes and” is truly tested when encountering the unusual, the unexpected, and the undesired. Well, in this workshop you’ll be confronted with the things you may despise – questions, denials, curve balls, poor listening, bad object work, selfish partners, and complete stupidity – and you’ll learn ways to not just accept it but to make magic out of it. Stop wishing for the ideal partner and deal with it!

Breaking Out the Scene
Instructor: Asaf Ronen
Friday, 11/14 @ 2PM

Learn how to go beyond the linear storytelling of improvisation by incorporating editing and presentation techniques appropriated from independent films like Amelié, The Royal Tenenbaums and Reservoir Dogs. Techniques will be shown on developing a group’s awareness to all the possibilities that are available to a group at any given moment in an improv scene including ways to build mood, theme and character.

Saturday, Nov. 15th

Instructor: Rene Duquesnoy
Saturday, 11/15 @ 10AM

Learn how to rap for an improv show. Rene Duquesnoy, creator of the hiphop improv show The Beatbox, will teach freestyling techniques, short-form rap games (like Rap Line, Beastie Rap, and Audience & Hammer Time) and different effects used in The Beatbox. Learn how to enhance a scene by adding quick hiphop tricks. This class will help longform and shortform improvisers alike.

Advanced Dialogue Techniques
Instructor: Kevin Patrick Robbins
Saturday, 11/15 @ 10AM and/or 2PM

Learn to economize your dialogue and strip out unnecessary exposition, explanations and justifications. A variety of dialogue techniques will be explored that will improve your scene work, lead to more relationship-driven scenes, and some that just make your scenes cooler.

You can choose to take this at either time slot individually or combine them for a six hour dialogue intensive.

Improv Diagnostics

Instructor: Asaf Ronen
Saturday, 11/15 @ 2PM

No lesson plans. Instead, the focus is on pinpointing the individual students’ tendencies. Find out what your strengths are and where you could explore further. Working in a non-stop series of short, quick scenes, you will learn what your patterns are and how to break them through personalized challenges. Maximized stage time guaranteed. Great for beginners who want to develop new skills and for professionals who want to keep fresh.

PHIF is also offering a Special Student Pass for $50 that gets you full access to all shows and a 30% discount on workshops. Signup before 10/20 and you’ll also get a free PHIF4 tshirt!

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Philly Improv Fest Now Accepting Submissions


PHIF kicks off it’s fourth annual festival this fall, and submissions opened today:

We are now accepting performer submissions for the 4th annual Philadelphia Improv Festival (PHIF4) being held November 13-15 at the Plays & Players Theatre located in the heart of Center City Philadelphia.

Submissions are open to all types of improvisation and all ensemble sizes. Submissions from other forms of live entertainment such as sketch or standup will not be accepted.

Submission Deadline: August 22nd, 2008
Submission Fee: $25

Performers will be getting a few extra things this year:

In addition to their performance slot, all PHIF4 Performers will receive a performer packet that includes:

– An all-access badge good for: free guaranteed seating during all performances and free access to parties and events
– A PHIF4 t-shirt
– A 30% discount on workshops

Applications are being processed digitally this year. Here’s what you’re gonna need:

The form requires general information about the name of your group, your format, primary contact person, individual performer names, technical requirements and other information used to assess your application. In addition to this information, you should also have ready:

Video: A link to streaming video (YouTube, Google Video, Vimeo, etc) of a previous live performance, representative of the type of show you would perform. Videos must contain at least 10 minutes of unedited performance, although 20-30 minutes is preferred.

Photo: A black & white or color digital promotional photograph of your group. Files should be hi-res, 300dpi and be in PDF, PNG, PSD or TIF format.

Submission Fee
: A $25 non-refundable submission fee will be assessed at the time of your submission. You will be directed to a page where you use EFT or credit card via Paypal.

It’s time to get in gear and submit your group!