Comedian Profile: Kelly Vrooman


Editors Note: In this segment, we step away from the stage and take a look at comedians in the Philadelphia area… Learn a little more about where they come from, what they do while not performing and of course the question we all ask ourselves… Why do we do it?


Might have seen her in: ComedySportz, Ladies & Gentlemen in Rodgers & Hammerstein Are Dead

Hangs her hat in: South Philly (Point Breeze)

Stomping Grounds: Mansfield, OH

Pays the Bills as: Actor. Yeah, that’s right mom, I’m doin’ it.

Other Hobbies: Painting, gardening, dancing, singing,  stopping my cat from scratching the furniture.

Why Improv?

An old boyfriend told me he didn’t think girls were funny.  I took that as a personal challenge.  Improv introduced me to some of the funniest women I know… and maybe I’m funny too.   Why improv?  Because girls are funny, because boys are funny and when we all work together to create something out of nothing, it’s genius.  My life has taken so many interesting detours because I’ve simply said, “Yes, and…”!

If you know someone who you think should be profiled, we’d love to hear about them.