Disturbing video of the day


Back in November, the FEEKO BROTHERS took the title of Dirtiest Sketch in Philadelphia during Comedy Month at the PHILLY SKETCHFEST. To be there was to experience an assault to the eyes and nose that is really quite incomparable.

For those that missed the now infamous sketch, it is with warning to the weak-stomached that we’re excited to give you the very NSFW Slow Day at the Dildo Factory:

New video from Meg & Rob


I originally got to see this video when Meg & Rob debuted it during the Fringe Festival. It’s Duran Duran karaoke with a fun lyrical twist. Now it’s on vimeo and free for all to view and rock out to at your leisure. Oh man, I’m very happy to share this w/ you…

Video: Life After Lost


In this great video for Lost fans, Dave Terruso and Matt Lally of local sketch group ANIMOSITY PIERRE explore what world we may face in a life after the completion of Lost. It even features a fun cameo from the Preston & Steve Morning Show:

Click This: Videos of Sketchfest Winners from Helium


A few weeks back, HELIUM hosted a competition to determine the final spot(s) for the PHILLY SKETCHFEST which kicks off tonight. Out of the ten groups that performed, two ended up making the cut… BAD CREATIONS and DEPENDABLE FELONS. To acclimate yourself with their work, head on over to Comic vs Audience for a couple of great videos.

Click This: Vids From Local Comedians


Hop on over to Comic Vs Audience and check out a great little collection of videos from some of Philly’s finest comedians, including Kent Haines, Meg & Rob, Secret Pants, Animosity Pierre, the Feeko Bros and Brendan Kennedy

Improvs on the Internets


Some improv and comedy related highlights from around the web:

Check out this video of Kent Haines & Aaron Hertzog performing a sketch for Bedtime Stories‘ “Way Down in the Hole: A Comedy Tribute to ‘The Wire’ [Comic Vs. Audience]

–  A new read for your bedside table – The Funniest One in the Room: The Lives and Legends of Del Close was penned by oft Python biographer and co-author of Truth In Comedy, Kim “Howard” Johnson

– 16 Agents from Improv Everywhere staged a Food Court Musical at a mall in LA

–  Local comedian Don Montrey liveblogs his afternoon latte at La Colombe [Phillyist]

– Sketch comedy fans will not want to miss The Terrordome on April 18th at the M Room, featuring Animosity Pierre, Meg & Rob, Secret Pants, The Sixth Borough and Rowan & Hastings

CHTV has a new short featuring an eulogy for an Internet commenter [BWE]

– Both Kevin Thom and Tom Hurley have some amazing photos of improvisers playing at DSIF8 a couple weeks ago.